Logo aiotku blue square350px 2 - electrical & industrial supplier - system integrator - service & maintenance subcontractorSince 2015, we have installed Energy Monitoring System in several Industrial Factory Buildings, at that time we used Energy Monitoring System from the other principal, based with these experiences, and seeing the potential for EMS to bring many benefits to the manufacturer’s operations, we decided to continue to innovate for continuous improvement to our clients by making AIOTKU with a vision to improve the Energy Efficiency of our Industries and Commercial Building. We possess enough infrastructure, management team, and technical professionals, having diversified industrial experience of Operation & Consulting, in Manufacturing and Service industry. technical professionals, having diversified industrial experience of Operation & Consulting, in Manufacturing and Service industry.

AIOTKU specializes in solving energy efficiency challenges in today’s highly demanding environments. We help companies to improve their energy efficiency by auditing their site and identifying the energy saving opportunities. We take up the consulting as well as the turnkey projects for implementation of energy monitoring system. We have designed an Energy Management System which makes sure that site maintain its energy efficiency level even after years. We have more satisfied customers from almost all industrial sectors across Indonesia . Based on our expertise and industry standards, we customize our solutions for the needs of the industry.

The scalable, user-friendly analytics software available on both desktop and mobile platform is ideal for fault monitoring and power quality monitoring systems. Sending via chatbot & email alerts on erratic machine behaviours and patterns.

AIOTKU answer the questions that most plant, facilities and operations managers need to know – all at the push of a button…

  • Energy consumption. Do you know how much energy your largest or most critical machines consume, and when?
  • Energy efficiency. Are all your similar machines equally efficient? If not, how unequal are they?
  • Troublesome equipment. Do you have equipment that is continuously high-maintenance? Would you like to know why?
  • Operator error. Do you get a warning when equipment is running unnecessarily?
  • Machine failure. How much does-machine failure or downtime cost you? Would advance warning save time and money?
  • Peak Demand. Do you know when you set your ‘peak demand’ each week and how to lower it?
  • Payback. Can you calculate the precise ROI for upgrading equipment? Can you verify the actual payback?


AIOTKU Implementation Fields

Our main objective is to provide operational excellence solutions in manufacturing industries. Since most manufacturing industries will get the benefit directly We use the TPM system as a baseline to develop our AIOTKU.


AIOTKU Can Monitor…

  • Energy data – kW, kWh, amperage, voltage, power factor and IDR cost
  • Flow data – natural gas, fresh-water, waste-water and airflow
  • Non-energy data – temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, fluid levels, vibration, etc

AIOTKU uses the best hardware and software currently available in the Industrial IOT industry, including products and services provided by Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Honeywell, etc

An ‘Open’ System

Data can be imported from…

  • Other brands of hard-wired sensors if required
  • Most non-energy meters that are already installed

Data can be exported to…

  • Most existing Dashboards or software platforms
  • Most SCADA and BMS Control systems
  • Pdf & Excel spreadsheets


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